Gig Guide




1st - Oceanique, DUO, 12pm


6th - Shotgun Willie's, Kick Ass Cowgirls, 7pm

7th - Memphis Slims, Zkye Blue, 9pm

8th - Bridgeport Hotel, DUO, 2pm

13th - Serenity Bar & Restaurant (Pt Pirie), DUO 

14th - Golden Grove Tavern, DUO, 7pm

15th - Oceanique, DUO, 12pm

19th - The District (Casino), DUO, 4:30pm

21st - PRIVATE SHOW, 9pm

22nd - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm

27th - Memphis Slims, DUO, 7:30pm (With Stef)

29th - Oceanique, DUO, 12pm

29th - Para Hills, DUO, 4pm


Gig Guide



3rd - Semaphore Workers, Zkye Blue, 9pm

4th - Shotgun Willie's, Kick Ass Cowgirls, 7pm

5th - Oceanique, DUO, 12pm

10th - Memphis Slims, DUO, 7pm

11th Ebeneezer Place, DUO, 6:30pm

11th Barossa Discovery Park, DUO, 2pm

12th - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm

17th - Robin Hood, DUO, 8pm

18th - Ebeneezer PlaceDUO, 6:30pm

19th - PRIVATE SHOW, DUO, 1:30pm

24th - Hellbound, DUO, 6pm

24th - Memphis Slims, 10pm

25th - The Grove, DUO, 8:30pm

26th - Para Hills, DUO, 4pm

Gig Guide


Gig Guide