Gig Guide


1st - Palais DUO, 3pm

1st - Morphett Arms, DUO, 8pm

3rd - Cue Bar, DUO, 3pm

9th - The Grove, DUO, 8:30pm

10th - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm

15th - Oddio Winery, DUO, 6:30pm

16th - Mt. Compass Hotel, DUO, 8pm

17th - Glenelg Surf Club, DUO, 2:30pm

20th - Prospect City Council Awards Night

23rd - PRIVATE SHOW, DUO, 7pm

24th - Para Hills Community Club, DUO, 4pm

25th - Zayt & Zaatar (Campbelltown) DUO, 7pm

26th - Australia Day Jetty 2 Jetty Swim (Grange Jetty)

           9:25am (National Anthem)

26th - Palais, "AUSTRALIA DAY" DUO, 3pm

30th - The Boatshed (Wallaroo) DUO, 4pm

31st - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm

Gig Guide


Gig Guide


5th - Civic Park Movie Night, DUO, 6:30pm

7th - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm

12th - Highway Hotel, DUO, 8:30pm

13th - The Grove Tavern, DUO, 8:30pm

14th - Semaphore Workers, Zkye Blue, 5pm

19th - PRIVATE SHOW, 7:30pm

20th - Mt. Compass Hotel, DUO, 7:30pm

26th - Salisbury Fringe Carnival, DUO, 5:45pm

28th - Para Hills Community Club, DUO, 4pm

Gig Guide

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