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Sat 1st - Coopers Ale House DUO, 4pm

Sun 7th - Arkaba, Zkye Blue, 3pm


Tues 4th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 7th - Criterion DUO 7pm

Sat 8th - Woodstock Winery (Janis Set) 2:50pm

Sat 8th - PRIVATE 7pm

Sun 9th - Woodstock Winery (Janis Set) 2:50pm

Tues 11th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 14th - The Tower Hotel, DUO, 5pm

Sat 15th - Village Tavern, DUO, 8pm

Sun 16th - Robin Hood, DUO, 4pm


Tues 18th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 21st - The Ed, DUO, 7pm

Sat 22nd - Morphett Arms, DUO, 8pm

Sun 23rd - Highlander, DUO, 1pm

Tues 25th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 28th - Robin Hood, Zkye & The GuyZ 8pm

Sat 29th - The Exchange (Gawler), Zkye & The GuyZ 9pm

Sun 30th - The Ed, DUO, 12pm



Tues 2nd - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 5th - Criterion, DUO, 7pm

Sat 6th - Coopers Ale House, DUO 7pm

Sun 7th - Arkaba, Zkye Blue, 3pm


Tues 9th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 12th - The Gully, DUO, 7:30pm

Sat 13th - The Grove, DUO 8:30pm

Sun 14th - Criterion, Zkye Blue, 2:30pm


Tues 16th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 19th - The Ed, DUO, 7pm

Sat 20th - Village Tavern, DUO, 8pm

Sun 21st - Roulettes Tavern, DUO, 1pm


Tues 23rd - The Lion, DUO, 7pm

Fri 26th - The Ed (Mitcham) DUO, 7pm

Sat 27th - Publishers (Sing-a-long) 2pm

Sat 27th - Morphett Arms, DUO 8pm

Sun 26th - Highlander, DUO, 1pm

Sun 26th - The Workers, Zkye Blue, 5:30pm


Tues 30th - The Lion, DUO, 7pm